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In person learning that is highly effective, isn't scalable.  Most retail online learning, although scalable, isn't effective.  Add to that the ever increasing demands placed on people's time, the reduction of staff hours, the challenge of staff retention and we are left with a population of retailers who are undertrained, overwhelmed and feeling uninspired. 


We created IGNITE Humans Experience Platform to help you create outstanding human connections through doing more with less. Wouldn't it be great to fast-track onboarding and development, and creating inspiring and meaningful learning and career journeys for your current and future tribes. We have the experience, expertise and results to help you achieve this and so much more. Let's do this! 

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We're all about a Daily D.O.S.E™ in our dynamic learning room.  Our 5-6 min Daily D.O.S.E's are there to support and inspire the learner.  D.O.S.E is an acronym for the happy hormones and neurotransmitters that help us to feel good everyday - Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.
Through our Points and Activity based Learning & Career journey architecture, we help formulate the foundation for a future of learning. Our ever growing library (along with your additions) is joined by our fun mascots FLIP & PIT allowing for fun, EFFECTIVE learning.

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Evidence is the loudest voice in the room - when we understand the numbers, we understand the effect an individual, and a team, can have on the business. Many accountability measures use shame as the catalyst for change. Not at IGNITE Humans. Just as our name implies, we know that most people want to be their best. From our Learner Analytics to our Master Analytics, all data is utilized as feedback and is designed to  encourage, highlight and inspire the learner or the leader to develop and grow!

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Why waste the wisdom and expertise in your business - use our simple but elegant Creation Tool to evolve your learning and product ideas into dynamic learning experiences. Using our intuitive Program and Course Builder you will see your paper manuals and outmoded documents turn into masterpieces right before your very eyes! Add quizzes, activities, downloads, workbooks and so much more for a complete learning adventure. But it won't just stop there - our soon to be released augmented reality addition will elevate the fun & comprehension to a whole new level.

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Need more time? Want better results?  When we cross the bridge from what we LEARN to what we DO, we ACHIEVE great results. Our dynamic & responsive Assessment App (Launching Q2) has a multi use effect. From an electronic Store Walk Through to Recruitment Mapping and Stocktake

Prep, Managers and future Managers are 'developed by doing', thus creating a perfect platform for effective succession planning. The better trained our front line teams, the more

effective our Field Support Managers - to coach, train, inspire and grow their teams. The future is bright with IGNITE!

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