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How Do We Build
Your EDUCATION System?


1. Our First DATE

Let's start with a chat - think of it as a first date! We don't know each other yet, but we're both curious. On our side, we want to find out as much as we can about your company!

What is your story - the history of the company?
What is the "essence" of your company - your source code?
Who is your customer? Your team?
Why do you want to be known as / for?
What do you hope to achieve with your education goals?
What is important to you as a company?
What impact do you want to make? 

We'll also be totally transparent about who we are, what we are looking for in a partner, and why we do what we do. We don't believe in the transactional "vendor/client" scenario. We want to be there with you through the entire process, so we'll dig deep. We'll ask the tough questions - and we hope you do, too. We will be absolutely committed to your success. If it seems like a good match, we'll move to the next stage and share our plan and pathways through a detailed proposal.  


As Retail Learning Architects, we are masterful at executing; we know how to synthesize the perfect components to deliver the results and impact you are looking for. 

You may want us to fully design, build and deliver your transformative new learning and education offer, combining in-person and online programs, along with strategic follow up and implementation. Or you may only require access to our generic offering, or find yourself somewhere in between.

Website Terry Desk Proposal_edited.jpg
Whatever your needs, we will create a personalized plan that will create long term, sustainable results -
a plan which aims to IGNITE your team to levels of engagement and commitment rarely seen in this space

3. Time to DESIGN

Once we have high five'd, fist pumped and wooo hooo'd at your "yes", the real work (translation: the FUN stuff!) begins. We will research, "shop", interview and investigate to understand your business thoroughly.

Then, through our proven "production" process, we will design and develop a learning and education system that is just right for you. Every team member from your sales, customer facing, support, management, leadership, distribution, and wholesale teams will be catered for - if that is in your scope.

Every modality of implementation will be offered (in person, online, on-going coaching, and follow up systems) so mass immersion and impact is ensured. ​We will combine our strengths to deliver only the best!

Our aim is to help you attract and retain the best the industry has to offer. 

Our knowledge of learning systems at every level within a retail/services sector is second to none.
This has been our gig for 30+ years. Our insights into the human psyche and instinctive patterning which
ignites people to willingly shift their behavior, has taken a lifetime to discover and integrate successfully. 
Our processes and formulas work - it's that simple, and it is from this solid foundation that we create for you. 

4. Get Ready to IGNITE!

A successful learning launch requires both clear vision and defined strategy. Vision without a sound implementation strategy "feels" good, but lacks direction. And strategy without a clear vision, eventually wears people down. 

We've also helped companies launch learning initiatives hundreds of times. We can forewarn you of what to expect when implementing new systems on the journey to building a robust learning culture.

Our experience has made us discerning; we know where to be agile and flexible, and where to be grounded and steadfast. Evidence if the loudest voice in the room - and we will deliver.​

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 8.43.55 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 8.47_edited.png

When a company embraces deep care for its people and their development, the same is given in return. We will be committed to helping you create a dynamic, passionate learning culture that complements your company's goals and values, AND achieves the results you are looking for - we're with you for the long haul and your success will be our reward.

Let's C.A.R.E™ 

Why C.A.R.E™?

In these uncertain times we need to create consistency for our customers, and for our teams. Through the unique combination of systems, processes, and behavior modeling techniques that form our IGNITE C.A.R.E Customer®  System, your  customer facing team will leave outmoded, robotic “sales talk” & attitudes behind.

As they venture into a new level of intuitive and process driven service that delivers consistently outstanding results, connection with and genuine care for the customer will become an easy and natural dialogue.

The IGNITE Customer Program®  is the nucleus of creating exceptional experiences, by exceptional people, who achieve exceptional results. ​


IGNITE C.A.R.E Customer®️ is a Sales and Service “experience” like no other. Using a synthesized approach of encompassing empathic sensitivity, structured sales process and associated skills, customer connection strategies, and unique personal growth & accountability awareness, this proven system, with over 30 years heritage, will produce immediate, and enduring results as over 100K alumni can attest. 


To IGNITE a deep, personal commitment to the customer experience (H2H), as well as their own, through multiple sets of structured systems and personalized processes, encouraging sustained growth


Distributed via our state of the art EXPERIENCE Platform, or connected to your LMS. Delivered in person, online, and virtually, also via coaching and in-store follow up​ systems. Can be modified and customized to align to your company values, direction and signature style.


All team members regardless of role/position, and/or responsibility within the organization. IGNITE C.A.R.E Customer creates an inherent and collective respect for the customer's journey. When the CEO and the CFC are partnered, all other layers align. 



We still exist in the "tribal leadership" model of "watch and do", or succumb to managing & coaching via "preference". Without sound management processes and more importantly, the ability to execute, there is little hope to realize the full potential of any store's results, and the team within that store. Enter the IGNITE Leader System!

Terry Hawkins was 21 in this photo. She commenced her 'Retail Store Management' career in an underperforming store with zero staff. Fast forward 3 months and she had a team of 3, a high performing store, and in her own words, "... no idea of how to manage people, let alone myself and a store". Sadly, the 'sink or swim' mentality still exists, with many retail companies placing their valued frontline in the hands of, albeit passionate, untrained, inexperienced managers, and then are confused as to why they are challenged with poor results and talent shortages. 

The JJ Team 1982.jpg
Ignite Leader™


IGNITE Leader is an experience which heightens personal awareness and provides sound systems, processes, and practices to lead a retail crew to it highest functioning ability. It serves to  create a robust succession incubator for future leaders, through the development of business intelligence and acumen.


The core competencies of effective management include, but are not limited to: Empathic Management Linguistics, Time Mastery, Coaching, EMF (Emotional Muscle Factor® ), Retail Financial Literacy, Sales/KPI Analysis, Behavioural

Temperaments, Tough Conversations, Self-management.


In person, online, and virtual with specialized on-going coaching and follow up


Due to the holistic management strategies and techniques covered, IGNITE Leader is applicable to any team facing Manager. (Store, Cluster, Area, State Managers, 2IC's, Line Managers, Support Managers, Training Managers ) 

Ignite Senior Leader™


The senior leadership team of any organization holds a precarious post: it is at the helm, helping to steer the ship with the captain, whilst concurrently protecting the values and focus of the organization. Their need for specific support and tailored navigation systems are just as great, if not greater, than the remaining team - thus a more therapeutic approach is needed.

They face the dichotomy of balancing their own career goals and ambitions, whilst simultaneously being supportive, encouraging and aligned with whom they share the metaphoric leadership 'table'. As stewards of the company, they must attain collective ego maturity to ensure the safe passage of all concerned. The results of the "inner circle" are directly impacted by the astute awareness, ability and insight of this "outer circle". 


IGNITE Executive is a senior leadership “experience” aimed at creating results with integrity through behavior. By identifying the individual, natural talents and traits, as well as the shadow influence of the Senior Leadership Team, the opportunity for maximum results through cohesiveness and clarity will flow downstream. 


Awareness and acceptance of their influence on the group, themselves, and the company; whilst fostering healthy and robust collaboration, where the overall collective needs take precedence over individual bias and personal pollution


In person, virtual, and on-going coaching


Tier One

C Suite, Finance, Marketing, International Markets, National Sales, Franchise Acquisition, Property, People & Culture - any crew member in a major “influencer” role at a senior level

Tier Two

Business Development Managers, Training Managers, 2nd Tier Finance, Marketing, HR, and anyone in a major “influencer” role at 2nd Tier Leadership Level

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