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(n.) when the dependence on [something] becomes so disrupted to our life that we silence (at all costs) our innate wisdom screaming at us to stop.

We’re all afflicted in some way.

Addiction is everywhere … we have become numb to the many unseen layers of where we need a “fix”. Our brains and bodies have become so re-wired over the past number of decades that even the television shows we “have” to see have hooks in them.

From our toxic food laced with refined sugar and corn syrup, to alcohol, prescription drugs, gossip magazines, online “leisure” activities (gaming, social media etc) - we live in a world that is not our own. Dopamine, adrenaline and the need for a “hit” fuel our every move - and if that’s not enough, let’s get a prescription for something that will.

The journey back? Self-awareness is the first place to start. But that takes real courage, and most of all a deep love for self.

Be curious and brave enough to ask ... could it be so?


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