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Emotional Empathy

(n.) the ability to deeply feel another's

experience, without the pollution

and influence of our own.

Such a simple word, yet the positive consequences when integrated properly, are endless. Empathy education has been a deep passion of mine for over 30 years, yet in our current world of high technology, and a generation that has not been given the tools or resources to learn deep connection, I have seen it become viewed as a cognitive process resulting in diminished emotional awareness.

Yes, there is a place for that when attempting to understand a situation, a person, an event ... anything for that matter. But true, meaningful EMPATHY is a difficult journey. It is a (painful at times) process of awareness, then self-awareness, leading to hopefully a compassionate awareness of others, expanding to the world around us. We can’t just “think” or “discuss” our way into a meaningful empathic state. And that is why I love working with executive and C-suite teams, right across to the frontline. When an organization of any sort; a company, a family, a tribe - any aligned group, has empathy at its core, the most incredible culture and outcomes can be achieved!


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