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(v.) allowing the ego to dictate how

you feel when deep, spiritual

learning is taking place in the soul.

We have all felt it, and we have all administered it. It can be both blindingly painful, and cruel.

When we perceive it through the lens of the ego we can allow ourselves to be shamed, and to feel shame. As the receiver, feelings of no self worth, rejection, and betrayal can arise within us. As the instigator, we can feel a (false) sense of power, control and manipulation. Both of these vantage points can also be the gateway to a deeper wisdom, if we are willing to surrender into the pain, and the power.

Once we move past the shallow, surface level experience, we enter into a space that can teach us greatly. We can access and understand the fragile nature of human beings. We can allow the ache in our heart to give us insight into the same power we have to inflict onto another. We can witness the shadow within us and claim it, rather than allow the ego to blame someone else.

In a sense, we are gifted with true self empathy - to stand separate from our own experience without judgement, so as to attain the deep, innate wisdom it offers.


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