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"Kid-Friendly" Deep Convos

“May I ask that the wisest part of me speak with the wisest part of you?”

When my boys were little and I didn’t know how to translate my “adult” experience and language into their “child” experience and language, I would look intently and lovingly into their eyes and start our conversation with that sentence. I had no idea if they thought i was being crazy, but I knew intuitively that “in there” they understood. Once they nodded or said yes I would start our conversation. Not once during any of those conversations did they ever lose connection with me. And because of their incredible focus and innate wisdom in those moments I also recall how humbled, nervous and privileged I was.

And yes, they were old enough to “know”, but not too young to not comprehend. They were perhaps between the ages of 4 - 8.

And for what it’s worth, when they were little (and even now) there were times when they too spoke to me, and I knew it was the wisest part of them speaking to the wisest part of me … and I am so grateful “that” part of me listened.


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