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STRESSED? Breath will be your best friend!

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Many retailers are venturing into a challenging time as consumer spend is trending downwards. With the industry also experiencing pressure on staffing levels and an influx of ‘newbies”, that pressure can either be converted to excitement and buzz, or have us spiraling out of control into anxiety and overwhelm. Our customers are also stressed with rising interest rates, having to live on less - and they can bring that stress with them when they shop. ,Rather than punish them for being human (or punish ourselves for not having the internal resources to manage this external environment), let’s look at how we can steer the moments ahead with ease and enjoyment.

Foremost, we need to take care of ourselves (and our emotions) before they get out of control, and effective breathing can do that. If you sense yourself cascading into a state of anxiousness, harmful stress, and overwhelm, then PAUSE. Remember, our internal Ferris Wheel of Emotion (think of each carriage representing an emotion) needs to keep moving: e-motion. When we hold onto one specific carriage (emotion or feeling), our Ferris Wheel (nervous system) can become stuck. Emotions can sometimes feel “stuck”; like we can’t move on. “Anxiety” is usually a stuck nervous system. One of the quickest ways to bring ourselves “unstuck” (or oil the carriage) is through boxed breath - with a slight twist - using only nasal breathing. When we breathe through our nose, we release nitric oxide, which is necessary to increase carbon dioxide in our blood, releasing oxygen into our cells. As such, nasal breathing can bring a sense of calm, and allow us to center ourselves and function better. Imagine your belly like a balloon, filling and emptying with each deep breath. Nasal breathing activates the part of the nervous system that supports rest and recovery rather than the component responsible for survival or stress states, such as fight or flight. Aim to make the Boxed (Nasal) Breath process a part of your everyday routine, even just for a few minutes. It's so worth it! Just know that you are our heroes and making the world a better place for all. #transformingtheplanetthroughretail #ignitehumans #love

❤️ TH xo


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