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Money and Happiness

Financial Freedom

(n.) deciding how much is enough based on your real needs (not commercial dictation) so you are free to do your best work, and live your desired life.

To paraphrase Daniel Pink, “When the issue of money is taken off the table, people are able to do their best work”.

Most of us work to “get stuff”. We work to prove that we’ve reached a certain status. What if we decided how much was enough? Not based on what society told us ... but what made us satisfied, and happy. It might be $100,000 to one person and $100,000,000 to another - the amount is only relevant in terms of what it means for you. It does not dictate greater or lesser success.

When we can stop being distracted by the stresses of money, and/or the “image” we’re trying to project, we can actually relax and do our best work. Sometimes the work we get paid for, supports us so we can do our passion work. Never, ever sell out your dream work for the lure of bigger money. Decide how much is enough. Get it. Then get on with doing your best work for this planet.

Income is simply an energy exchange. Your work is your personal signature and impact on this planet!


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