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Regrets - What Are They Really?


(v.) the missed opportunity occurring from the rush to "reset" (bypassing the essential process of "re-skill"), and ending up in "regress".

How NOT to get where you want to be!

Being dissatisfied with anything in our life does require a RESET, but most of us are not aware of the journey TO reset. We think we can jump from where we are to where we “desire” to be … to the outcome, the RESET.

The danger here though is that by simply stating a desire for a new way, new result, new outcome WITHOUT changing the core skills, behaviors and attitudes that caused the current state, not only will we ‘regress’ to where we were originally, we can often fall even further back.

The ‘re-skill’ component IS the essential bridge. It requires pausing, re-skilling and commitment to do the work. Stating outcomes, telling people to change, or demanding a new dynamic without the required “skills drill” will only have us in a repetitive, frustratingly painful loop of disappointment.


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