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(n.) the sacred workspace of true personal development, where the reward of creating an "us" only comes after the brave awareness, and full acceptance of "self".

They can be tough.

There is nothing like a relationship to bring out the best and worst in us. And that is actually a great thing.

I have always said that we shouldn’t get into a relationship to be “happy” - that’s a bonus. We should enter into a relationship for love, then no matter how hard it gets you hold on tight, even when your hands are burning.

Relationships of any sort - personal, parenting, work, friends … they all give us the chance to “see” who we are, especially in times of pressure, conflict and challenge. We get to witness the “hidden” self and understand it and ourselves so much more. When you can hold the space for each other, even in your “shadow” moments, you have been gifted with a powerful & meaningful relationship.


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